Monday, March 19, 2012

Singing the Blues

Welcome to Curating Cazalea, where I try to understand the mystery and magic of the collections I've assembled.

My sister Kathy liked my RED blog, but suggested I do a BLUE Blog sometime.

Today I feel blue, so blue it is. I was stunned to learn my good friend Blanche died yesterday - so this post is dedicated to her. We begin with a blue collage of my icons, watches, cars, stained glass and Blanche. [click any image to enlarge]

Blanche wasn't a blue person - far from it. She was full of life - "full of vim and vigor" and the last one you'd think would leave us so soon. I think you can tell for yourself. Look at the joy (and mischief) in her face:

We met 25 years ago through our respective jobs. Later my wife and I ended up moving to England to work at Glass's Guides, where Blanche worked for 40 years. She and I became fast friends and workmates - taking the UK by storm with our used car price guides. Over the years, we met up on holidays in England, Canada, the USA and Mexico:

In her "spare time" Blanche was a tireless worker for Macmillan Cancer Support, personally raising more than £1 million while volunteering since 1959! Last year she was recognized by the Queen and received an MBE.

I am very happy to have been her friend, to have shared hundreds of meals as part of her family, to have given the eulogy at her husband's funeral, to have witnessed her grandson's marriage, and to have happily called her "mom".

To finish this up, I watched Indigo Angel - an episode of the Touched By An Angel TV series. It features Hal Linden, Al Jarreau, BB King, Dr. John, Al Hirt, Della Ressa and Monica and the blues. If you have time, click the link and watch the show - and think of the people who have brightened up the blue times in your life.

Here's to you, Blanche!